Express Logistics

Our ‘Express Logistics’ business branch / regular or ADR

We perform our express logistics activities within the whole of Europe and undertake commissions with our transport vehicles that possess 1000kg cargo weightand 9 palette-
capacity, with the added opportunity of choosing ADR transport option.
In addition to this, we set off regular routes inside Europe on a weekly basis in order to ensure cost effectiveness while maintaining express speediness.
While ensuring the stable relations, we undertake part-deliveries within the weight limit of the trucks we provide, which shall guarantee both cost effectiveness and rapidity at the same time.
Our transport vehicles are capable of leaving 1000 km behind within 12 hours.
Choose us in case your shipment:
  •  is an urgent necessity and it requires speedy delivery;
  •  ought to be transported separated from any other goods.


Országos gyűjtő-logisztikai lefedettség, az országos raktár, és szállítóhálózat, már több nagyvárosban elérhető

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