Logistics of groupage freight

Groupage freight business branch / Regular or ADR

We offer our groupage freight delivery services to those who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective transportation solution. In case the consignment to be delivered does not fill up a whole truck, one can go for this option and hence the shipment costs to be worn can be reduced significantly by paying only a part of the transportation costs.
What we can offer is:
  • Nationwide ‘groupage freight ‘coverage within the whole of Hungary by means of our door to door and depot to depot services, by which significant benefits can be attained.
  • We start groupage freight routes on a weekly basis from every part of the country heading for the industrial focal point of Germany, the so-called Ruhr region; turning back to the total territory of Hungary while calling at the following cities:
    • Köln, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Wuppertal
  • We organise part load deliveries starting out from Hungary towards the whole territory of Europe then returning to Hungary by calling at the following countries in the first place:
    • Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Romania
  • We organize part load deliveries within Europe; with special attention paid to the following relations:
    • Germany- Romania, Romania – Germany
    • Germany – Italy, Italy – Germany


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